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History - How it all started

The Bergwaldprojekt was founded in 1987 in connection with discussions about the forest dieback by the forester Renato Ruf and Wolfgang Lohbeck. “Everyone's talking about the forest – we are going there” was the motto. Greenpeace encouraged the idea and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has participated since 1988. The first project week took place in Malans (GR). The Bergwaldprojekt has been an independent foundation since 1990 and is located in Trin (GR). The office and the entire project infrastructure are situated in the estate of Mesaglina with its adjoining mountain forest. The habitable part of the house is used for group accommodation. Projects are organised and administered from Trin, as well as the handling of public relations and fundraising. In 1993, the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. Germany was founded, which organises and finances the German projects. In 1994, the first missions took place in Austria and 2004 in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In the Ukraine the first project took place in 2006. In the Pyreneeses (Spain) the idea Bergwaldprojekt was converted for the first time in 2007.